We're Back! Thank you for your love and support over the years!

Our Mission

Here at RSF, we love fitness!  We realize that every workout, practice, and training session can be an adventure.  Ultimately though, our greatest love is for Jesus, and we believe that all people are in need of a savior. In Christ, we have found salvation and the renewal of our strength. Our mission is to provide excellent fitness and lifestyle apparel that points people to Him.  Our hope is that every time a person wears RSF apparel, it reminds them of the life that they found in Jesus, and their commitment to glorify him in everything that they do.  

We encourage all Christians that wear our apparel to use the brand as a tool to share the gospel with others.  Our motto “Together We Are One” is inspired by the Oneness of the trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—working in our lives.  We reflect this Oneness as a body of believers in the fitness community who are a light for Christ to the world in everything we do.

Together We Are One!